How to plan and research a dissertation plan?

The process of research and writing of a dissertation should be scheduled according to the given time period. Doctoral dissertations are likely to be lengthy with less time to conduct the entire research study. With an objective to accomplish the task before deadline; students should plan the stages as described below: Timetable - Design a … Continue reading How to plan and research a dissertation plan?


What is Doctoral Dissertation ?

Dissertation is a continuous piece of writing arranged in demarcated chapters in order to give rise to an argument in response to the problem centric proposition (thesis). In addition to it, the dissertation includes evidences acquired through intricate research study in order to support the argument placed by the researcher. A doctoral dissertation is a … Continue reading What is Doctoral Dissertation ?


A dissertation is an elemental component of your PhD and, consequently, should take up the majority of your attention and effort. It is not, however, merely the research and writing that comprise the most important elements. Advancing a new theory or angle is to be supported by existing research and buttressed by your research findings. … Continue reading NEED HELP IN DISSERTATION