A Know-How on Marketing

Marketing is the trail of activities of a company associated with buying and selling of a product or service. In simple words, marketing is what you say, how you present your products and state the reasons to the target market why they should buy it. Marketing is a business discipline concerned with the practical marketing techniques and the firm’s marketing resources and activity management. The need for marketing management is felt because of the globalization that has facilitated the cross borders marketing.

Globalization has made international marketing management highly significant and fundamental for the marketing strategy of the firm. It is what marketing management all about and the reason why student needs marketing management assignment writing services. Management students are often instructed to present marketing concept based assignments. But to produce the writing, they first need to know the fundamentals of marketing.

Our experts can provide the students the much needed marketing assignment help and marketing essay writing help. These experts can further provide management assignment help, especially business management assignment help. Students can also take marketing homework help from them. A lot of information on marketing categories can be found from our marketing assignment experts and marketing essay writing help samples. They are capable of providing marketing assignment help and marketing essay writing help that improve your score. The marketing assignment help experts define the various types of market structure below:

  1. Perfect Competition – It allows many firms. There is freedom to enter the market. The various organizations sell homogeneous products and expect normal profits.
  2. Monopoly -Market is dominated by one firm. There are barriers, preventing entry of other companies. The one that controls the market possibly gains supernormal profit.
  3. Oligopoly – Market is controlled by few firms such as five firms with concentration ratio of more than 50 percent.
  4. Monopolistic Competition -This type of market allows freedom to enter and exit. But it is notable here that firms have different products and expect normal profits in the long term.
  5. Contestable Market – It also grants the freedom of entry and exit. The theory of contestability applies to this type of market. The theory suggests that the number of firms is not important here; instead the threat of competition is the main lookout.

Core Concepts in Marketing: The marketing assignment help experts describe the core concepts of marketing that decide how the marketing strategies are formulated. These concepts are interrelated to each other; although in any case of difficulty, opt for marketing essay writing help or marketing essay writing help. With the help of these concepts, the marketing tools such as advertising, promotion and publicity designing of a new product are used. Marketing assignment help highlight the following and get affordable priced marketing assignment help from Solve My Assignment. Experts of Marketing assignment help demonstrate the points through diagrams to exhibit how marketing starts with customers’ needs, wants and demands ends with marketing of the product in the market by marketer, as shown in our marketing essay writing help material.

The core concepts are described in brief by our marketing assignment experts to give you marketing assignment help and marketing essay writing help.

  • Needs: A state of deprivation
  • Wants: Desires to satisfy the deeper needs
  • Demands: Ability and willingness to buy
  • Products: Anything that satisfies the needs and wants
  • Value: The customers’ estimate of the product’s capacity to meet their demands
  • Cost: Minority cost, time cost, energy cost and psychic cost taken into account while developing the product.
  • Satisfaction: Our marketing assignment help experts categorize satisfaction into three types for marketing essay writing help:
  1. Customer expectation = performance (satisfied)
  2. Customer expectation > performance (dissatisfaction)
  3. Customer expectation < performance (Highly satisfied)
  • Exchange: Act of obtaining a desired product by offering something in return
  • Transactions: Trade of values between two or more parties
  • Relationship: Accord between the seller and buyer
  • Market: The place where potential customers share a particular need and are able to engage in exchange to satisfy the need
  • Marketing: The process that identifies, anticipates and supplies the requirements of the market efficiently
  • Marketer: Someone who seeks a resource from someone else and willing to meet the needs in exchange

Marketing assignment experts who have specialized knowledge and practical understanding can assist you in writing assignments by offering marketing assignment help solutions and marketing essay writing help online.


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