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Case study assignment was first started as a statistical methodology in 1829 by Frederic Le Play. Sociologists Barney Glaser and Anselm Strauss further developed them in social sciences in the 1960s. The popularity of case study assignments in developing hypotheses has grown only in recent years especially in ethnography, management etc. When Harvard Business School started, they realized that in absence of adequate amount of text books, the only way they could teach was through case study assignments of leading companies. As such their first instinct was to interview business leaders and write case study assignments. Today, management case study assignments are an important tool to evaluate the knowledge of the students. Apart from management, case study writing is also common in law and nursing. These assignments carry high importance in the tertiary curriculum.

Case study assignments are detailed investigative accounts of individual entities using the disciplinary knowledge of a particular subject. Marketing, law and nursing case studies are the most common case study writing tasks encountered by students. Let us discuss the steps for writing a case study.

  • Provide the puse of your case study.
  • Provide an overview of subject, company or individual on which you are conducting a case study.
  • Outline the Problems and the solutions that can be adapted.
  • Outline the theory of your case study. Hence, the above four steps constitute a summary of your work. This helps the reader to get a clear picture about your work.
  • Findings of your case study must be the second section of your work. Here you need to explain about the problems and provide facts to support your study. Most importantly, depending on the topic that you are given, you need to explain your findings using the concept of the related course. Like if you are doing case study in marketing strategy of certain product of a company, you need to use your concept of marketing to explain your findings.
  • Outline the problems in next section along with the solutions that you would like to suggest. Your solutions should be explained clearly providing insight to both side of the coin. This means the solutions you suggested can have pros and cons; so mention advantages as well as disadvantages of executing the solution.
  • Conclude your case study by highlighting all the important points that you mentioned.
  • A section of recommendation must be included after concluding your case study.Recommendation means the solution that you find most appropriate to execute. So, using your knowledge and concept of the related subject; you need to write recommendation in a persuasive way. Just after a section of recommendation; you need to write that when and by whom this solution should be implemented.
  • Don’t forget to mention references at the end of your case study.
  • If there is any other relevant data associated to your case study, mention them under Appendices.

Writing a case study is undoubtedly a time-consuming task. You need to give proper time to conduct research on the topic of your case study assignment. Since college life can be busy and you find it very less time to invest for your case study assignment, we at will help you solve this problem. We provide Economic case study help, Science case study help, Mathematics case study help, Law case study help and many more. In case if you are not able to spare time to write a case study on given subject; you can choose our service of Case Study Homework Help and get you task done within the mentioned deadline. You must have come across many problems in your case study. Send your queries to us and don’t forget to tell us about the deadline of the case study. Experts at Solve My Assignment are ready to assist you round the clock.

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